Imagine crushed glass glinting an array of colors set into a durable and attractive smooth surface. Recycled glass and cement are kept out of landfills and turned into something beautiful.

  • GEOS +

    GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces are nonporous; contain no cement; and require no sealing, making them Earth friendly and affordable. The wide range of evocative colors makes for a stunning contemporary visual statement.
  • IceStone® +

    IceStone® surfaces are made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, portland cement, and pigment. Whether in the kitchen, the bath or office, IceStone® durable surfaces are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Vetrazzo® +

    Vetrazzo® is a recycled glass surface comprised of 100% recycled glass. When you buy Vetrazzo, you get an exquisite surface material that becomes the centerpiece for your home or project. A high glass content (85% by volume) and expansive color palette result from the variety of materials Vetrazzo contains. From architectural to art glass, to beer bottles and jars, each mix is a signature blend of color and life that tells a story.
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