Wood countertops are a popular choice because of their durability in both wear and style. When it comes to naturally beautiful countertops, it’s hard to beat the warmth and character of wood.

  • Cherry +

    Cherry is a classic American wood with a subtle red hue that deepens with age. Cherry's smooth and even finish brings with it a touch of sophistication.
  • Hard Maple +

    While a simple, straight grain makes hard maple beautiful, its durability and resistance to abrasion makes it an ideal material for butcher block countertop installations. The color of hard maple ranges from nearly white to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue.
  • Walnut +

    Walnut is one of the most highly sought after domestic hardwood choices. Walnut countertops are known for their aesthetic appeal, longevity, and ease of cleaning, and their color grows dark and lustrous with age.
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