Choose a natural stone counterop for luxury and durability, with variations in colors and textures that make each countertop unique.

  • Granite +

    Granite is a natural material that will add value to your home.  It stands up to heavy use with resistance to heat and cutting, and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Marble +

    Marble is a timeless solution for your kitchen or bathroom. Its classic beauty adds warmth to a fireplace surround and hearth. It will age gracefully with a rich character and patina.
  • Quartzite +

    Quartzite countertops are rapidly becoming popular among designers due to its extraordinary appearance and texture. It is a dense, metamorphic rock, a blended marriage between granite and marble. Whether polished, honed, sueded or leathered, it demands to be touched. It is very durable and exceptionally beautiful.
  • Soapstone +

    Soapstone colors are richly veined, in dark charcoal black, medium gray, and deep blackish green. It comes velvety smooth or sueded to the touch. Blemishes can be sanded and oiled away.
  • Limestone & Sandstone +

    Limestone and Sandstone have been a natural choice for outdoor use, and now they are being enjoyed more indoors in bold thicknesses. They are heat resistant and can be honed, sueded or leathered to an organic finish. Their natural color is typically light gray, beige or tan brown. Exclusively available, the Brentwood vein of sandstone is truly unique and mimics the look of rich grained wood.
  • Onyx +

    Onyx is a gemstone with a brilliant translucent appearance. It is formed in caves when stalactites and stalagmites drip to create this sedimentary precious stone. Onyx surfaces bring a unique appearance with dramatic appeal to any environment. The addition of an onyx surface provides a sleek and modern look to any living space.
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